Vrnjačka Banja Spa

Vrnjačka Banja spa is the largest and most famous spa resort in Serbia and has traditionally been a very attractive tourist resort for relaxation and recreation. The nearby mountains influence the Vrnjačka Spa microclimate making it rather specific and very pleasant. Vrnjačka Spa has a very long tradition of healing treatments.
The Romans built their health and recuperation resort AQUAE ORCINAE at hot mineral spring of Vrnjci in the period from II to IV century, as evidenced by archaeological finds from the central core area of the Roman spa: an ancient pool, an old Roman spring of hot mineral water (Fons Romanus) and lots of coins left in the healing spring for worshipping reasons.
Throughout the whole year, particularly in the months of summer tourist season, Vrnjačka spa offers its visitors an extremely rich, eventful and varied cultural - entertaining program.